“Taking Responsibility for YOUR House!”


"...but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua 24:15

The LORD GOD created the heavens and the earth, the seas, and all the creatures which dwell within. Yet, none of them were made in His image, were given a soul, nor have a conscious accountability to Him. Only man was given this role, to rule and lead in the earth with the woman created to be his helper. A man’s first responsibility is to glorify GOD and do His will, thereafter He loves His wife with the love of GOD and establishes a household to dwell in and perpetuate the image of GOD in the earth. A man’s household, single or married, should reflect the glory of GOD and be excellent BECAUSE he’s GOD’s superintendent and leader in the earth over all things. 


Men’s Conference 2019 will be a consecrated time of seeking GOD in prayer, to encounter Him in worship, to hear Him through the Word, and to be edified by Him through the Ministry of the Holy Spirit in the fellowship of the brethren. It will have Scripture based seminars and reflection fellowship groups to give instruction and reinforcement of the principles taught from GOD’s Word and received in His presence. Men will learn why GOD created him in His image, what a household is and the responsibility thereof GOD gave specifically to men, the importance of taking care of their bodies—the temple of the Holy Spirit, and how to live an excuse free life of leadership (and headship) through obedience to the Word of GOD. 


Upon conclusion of each day (or evening) food will be served as a point of fellowship with other brethren, in small groups at a table, to discuss and reinforce the Word taught. This conference will be Spiritually refreshing, have a revelatory impact on your soul, and give men specific (and uncompromising) principles from Scripture on how to glorify GOD in their household—in the company of the encouraging fellowship of GOD-seeking-men. 


All young men from high school graduate to adults are welcome. Join us and you’ll be blessed not just during the conference but for the rest of your life, in Jesus name, amen. 


  1. Do you KNOW who you are?: The primacy of men in creation and their headship charge

  2. Worship and Sacrifice: The primacy of natural jobs AND Kingdom work as worship 

  3. It’s YOUR House: Taking 100% Responsibility for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING 

  4. Alignment and Adjustment: The action of repentance and developing a plan for household change towards GOD’s will

  5. If it’s upon you, it’s upon the WHOLE household: The blessings and potential consequences which trickle down from the head of household

  6. Taking care of YOUR Temple: Spiritual, mental, and physical care necessary to lead and stay 'ahead'

  7. There’s no anger necessary: How to lead your household in love, care, peace, and with patience (as Christ’s done for you)


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