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BLOSSOM is designed to serve as an outlet—one that helps to manifest holistic growth—for young ladies between the grades of 1st – 12th within The Holy Christian Cathedral and the community. Our vision and mission is to disciple young girls unto finer Christian Womanhood by:

  • Cultivating their desire for spiritual enrichment

  • Encouraging academic excellence through learning to think critically and analytically

  • Practical application of the necessities for living holy

  • Learning to communicate effectively and with fluidity in formal and informal settings

  • Developing an appreciation for the visual and performing arts

  • Involvement in service learning initiatives

  • Developing a keen sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity through team building activities

  • Preparing them for home ownership and responsible stewardship with    sessions in financial literacy, meal preparation, etiquette and maintaining an orderly environment

  • Acquiring the mindset of obtaining a colligate degree as a normalcy through yearly field trips to various colleges and universities as well as employing those in higher education as additional mentors for program participants

  • BLOSSOM provides every student enrolled in a post secondary institution a first year gift basket as well as monetary scholarships that help defray tuition costs and additional education expenses



  • 100% of girls who complete the program graduate high school and enroll in a post-secondary institution 

  • 100% of ladies enrolled in the program do not contribute to the alarming rate of teenage pregnancy

  • Girls have not only enrolled in college, but graduated, obtained sustainable careers, given back to their community, become loving wives and committed mothers

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