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WHAT TO EXPECT: Getting a Nasal Swab at a Testing Site

What to bring

  • Wear a mask or face covering if you can.

  • Bring your confirmation text or email if you can.

  • You do not need to show identification or insurance information.

What to expect at the event

  • If you signed up for an appointment online or by phone, staff will ask to see your confirmation text or email, or you can tell them your name, birthdate, and address.

  • If you did not sign up for an appointment ahead of time, a greeter will register you when you get to the event. You will need to provide your name and contact information. This information is given to staff to contact you with your test results. 

  • Please arrive at the site close to the time of your scheduled visit. Staff will check you in when you arrive and tell you where to go. Testing sites are designed to ensure social distancing and proper cleaning to keep you safe.

  • A health care worker will gently insert what looks like a long Q-tip into your nose and swirl it for a few seconds in order to get a good sample. It will then be removed and put in a vial to be sent to a lab for testing.

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