Suggestive Plans for Everyone

Spiritual Plan 

  • Prioritize prayer and getting in the Word of GOD on a daily basis. Join us on the Righteous Start Morning Devotional and use the multiple Scriptures given during the lesson as points of reference to study throughout the day. 

  • Read a Christian book which you’ve had on your shelf but haven’t had the time to get to. Try reading for 30-60 minutes per day and be inspired by it.

  • Fellowship with the Saints by video or audio calls and be sure to not only check on them but connect on Spiritual issues concerning their life. Find out if they need strengthening or prayer support in any way and provide that!


Family Plan

  • Discuss Biblical passages or topics around prayer and praise and make time to encourage one another in the LORD.

  • Develop fun fellowship times of playing thought provoking games (and inventing new ones) as well as physical exercises which promote good health, laughter, and promote peace in the house. Also BE SURE THE CHILDREN WORK ON ACADEMICS ALL DAY LONG AS IF THEY WERE IN SCHOOL, MONDAY THRU FRIDAY, FOR THE TIME ALLOTTED FOR SCHOOL!

  • Receive no company or visitors into your household unless they are wearing a proper mask. (There’s no way to tell whether they are a carrier of the virus or not.)


Meal Plan

  • Design Meal plans to last the family for one month, coupled with the consumption of immune building foods and liquids. Prepare for the long haul with this pandemic and don’t take it lightly. Again, STOCK UP for 30 days! 

  • Grocery shop for fresh and frozen vegetables and meats, which will be easy to preserve for longer periods of time

  • Eliminate waste by using yesterday’s meat for tomorrow’s sandwich meat and today’s sandwich meat leftover as the next day’s base for soup (for example).


Medical Plan

  • Stock up on medications primarily for the common cold, fever reduction, and pain relieving. 

  • Be sure you go to a clinic if symptoms of sickness are aligned with what the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health have deemed worthy of examining. Do NOT delay!

  • Practice healthy habits of sanitation and cleanliness in your household by daily wiping down doorknobs, door handles, counter tops, and surfaces where food is consumed coupled with keeping your hands washed (and sanitized).


Exercise Plan

  • Do exercise inside the home to a video or an area you’ve already designated for it. You can also walk outside around the block and, have the children play outside (by themselves) for approximately 30-45 minutes per day at minimum. 

  • Start Spring Cleaning and get the whole family involved! This will prove to be an EXCELLENT means to exercise (and organizing) for the household.

  • Turn your steps into a gym and do a cardio workout, for approximately 15 minutes minimum non-stop, or, walk through every room briskly (if you don’t have steps) over and again for 15 minutes to keep the heart pumping. 


Individualized Plans 

Married Plan

  • Spend quality time reconnecting because life’s responsibilities have likely hindered you from quality time doing so. Talk about one another’s life, health, and well-being. Be more intimate in conversations and openness about what’s going on in one another’s heart.

  • Reassess your family plan for in light of the pandemic many things will change such as vacations, purchases, visits to relatives, and school (if you have school age children). Come up with a plan that will prayerfully adjust to the time and yet Glorify GOD.

  • Go on in-house dates by planning (and cooking) a romantic dinner, watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn, or do some fun activity so you can remain connected.


Singles Plan

  • Enjoy the comfort of your residence by taking ‘me’ time to relax and enjoy the blessing of resting your mind and body. 

  • Explore something new (and if you’re a single parent try something new with your child), like trying a new cooking recipe in the kitchen, learn a new mind game, read a new book or do anything that will challenge you to grow.

  • Engage video and audio calls with single believers for laughter, prayer, and even exercise together! 


Things NOT to do:

  • Sit around and do nothing

  • Watch TV all day long

  • Binge on junk food

  • Tarry long periods on social media

  • Ignore the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health Guidelines for social distancing

  • Spend money unnecessarily 

  • Worry


Be encouraged!


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