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Wednesday, February 17, 2021, Noon Prayer

Given by Archbishop Wayne R. Felton

I hear the LORD saying, “Be ready, be ready for me to move. For I am going to move during this lent season. For I have heard your prayer and I will purge and I will cleanse. I will break every yoke that keeps you from having communion with me in Holiness. Be prepared and be ready. For this will be a deep work that I will do in everyone who comes unto me. For it will be the Standard of Holiness amongst my people for all of those that are coming in. For had I brought in the great crowds that I am about to bring, they would have seen the spots and blemishes in your righteousness and determined that this is the way of the LORD. But know that I have withheld the great Holy Ghost harvest from coming because my bride was not as ready as she should be. But now I will make her ready. And as you pray and seek my face, my blood will cleanse. Yes, I will make you white as snow so that the brightness of the church will not be the building, the land, the cameras or the lights thereof, but it will be the righteousness I have bestowed upon my people who have turned unto me with humility and brokenness. Then I will bring in the crowds and they will see, THIS is the righteousness that the Scriptures are declaring and these are the peoples of GOD who are living out that which is written. 


I am preparing you for my return and I am indeed preparing you for the work of the ministry. For in this fast I will restore my witness in my Church. Everyone will give heed to my voice and those who do not hear the voice of the LORD or heed unto Him and say they are mine will be cut off. For I have given them mercy and time. I have given them patience and long suffering so that they would have room to repent. But now is the time to say ‘Yes' unto me for I will cut off those who resist me. And I will receive those who humble themselves unto me. For this is the day they will say, ‘There will be no need to turn to the left nor to the right for the righteousness we have seen in the days of old have been restored to the Bride of Christ. For she is not only bright but she is ready for the Bridegroom.’ 


Don’t live for the television cameras, don’t live for the people. Live for a readiness with me. For if you remain ready with me, your witness will never be stained again. For the young generation must see what righteousness looks like. Stand firm in that which my Word declares and let me cleanse you in this season. For I will not only cleanse your sins, I will heal your bodies and get your life on the course it should be on so that you can be ready to carry forth my will. I will speak and I will make my voice and my way known in this season. Give heed to my voice. Humble yourselves and do what my Scriptures have called you to do and you will hear my voice and see my work in this hour,” saith the LORD.

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