Marriage Ministry

A successful marriage is accomplished by keeping several things at the forefront:

The Kingdom of GOD & Scripture

Time, Love, & Provision

Health, Understanding, & Communication


No matter how long you've been married, there are always benefits to taking time to strengthen your marriage!

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Marriage Works when the Two become One


Oneness is an inseparable binding of the heart, soul, and spirit of one another, which when melded by the heat of life's trials is permanently affixed and impossibly divided. This gift is affected by a commitment to covenant relationship, which they resolve is impenetrable by outside forces or inside conflict.  Every trial the couple endures and wins together makes them “won!”


Archbishop Wayne R. Felton,

 Wisdom for Marriage


There’s nothing in heaven nor on earth more important than protecting the integrity of the togetherness (or oneness) of your marriage, for whatever is more important is the culprit of its unraveling.


The covenant of marriage calls for integrity of a couple, and when this is consistent GOD repairs, renews, and rekindles the love and joy of marriage as if it was never damaged.


Marriage life is a coming together of two persons who understand what life’s all about and are willing to do it together.


The goal in marital life is to glorify GOD so the world can see a mirror of Christ’s ‘togetherness’ with His Church.