Our Mission is to be Eternally Faithful to Jesus Christ, His Word, Worship, and Witness in loving fellowship as His body; to Passionately Carry out the Great Commission in Scriptural Holiness unto God the Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit.


To be Eternally Faithful to Jesus Christ means we have a steadfast and unbreakable new covenant commitment to follow Jesus Christ, obeying His commandments and living under His Lordship unto the end of the world.

To Passionately Carry out the Great Commission (as His Body) means that the whole Church with Holy fervor, eagerness, and enthusiasm is doing the work of Christ.​

When we say "Scriptural Holiness unto God the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit," we see it as the life of Church, aligning every aspect of her Worship, Personal lives, and Households after the Word of God led and empowered daily through unbroken fellowship with the Holy Spirit.​


The Holy Christian Church is an assembly of Christian believers from all racial backgrounds united under a common doctrine and vision to carry the Message, Ministry, and Mission of Jesus Christ throughout the world. 


​125 Stevens Street West
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55107

651-290-WORD (9673)​


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