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God gives us more than second chances! In fact His unfailing love reaches out to us daily, calling us to live in Him in spite of our mistakes and sin. In like manner, because God has been so merciful to us in our failures and shortcomings, we reach out to men and women of all ages who are incarcerated to show them the love, patience, and kindness which the Lord does us--with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

At The Holy Christian Church International, prison and jail outreach is an active and vibrant ministry where we prayerfully Minister to countless persons on a weekly basis. Our goal is to infiltrate every jail and prison facility in the state of Minnesota with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and, connect inmates with their families to ensure they have a productive life when they are released. Additionally, we provide help and services to the spouses and children of inmates when needed. Our ultimate mission is to see inmates saved by Grace, their families saved and discipled well, and that they'd embrace their life with aim to honor God and live a productive life. We also assist in helping newly released inmates with employment, housing, and job skills referrals. If you have a passion for reaching this population for Christ or, have a friend or relative whom you'd like for us to write (and connect with) who's incarcerated, don't hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below: 

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