2017 Prayer & Prophecy Conference

“Praying in and Speaking forth the Word of the LORD” is the columination of 3 days of seeking GOD through Prayer, Worship, Biblical Teaching and Seminars, as well as Prophetic Ministry. This series contains the following teachings:

  • "What to Expect", Archbishop Wayne R. Felton
  • Pray, until it comes to pass: Biblical Strategies for enduring while standing in faith”, Elder Dante’ Miller
  • "Thy Word is a lamp and light: Being guided by and speaking forth Scripture in the seemingly dark days of waiting”, Deaconess Dorene Brookins
  • It takes the Anointing: The importance of waiting on the LORD for Prophetic utterance and the consequences of not being Anointed”, Archbishop Wayne R. Felton
  • These are the days of boldness: Possessing an unflinching soul when declaring and standing for the Word of the LORD in Scripture or by Prophecy”, Chaplain Mark Davis
  • Holding on to healing while in pain: Standing firm in the Word when afflicted, while fighting the temptation to doubt”, Bishop Dan Williams
  • Keeping the Word strong over my children: Keeping the children in the way of the LORD and out of the ways of satan”, First Lady Deondra Felton
  • Receiving the Word concerning my assignment: How to walk in your Prophetic placing”, Pastor Wayne Felton II
  • Word Based Single Woman: Walking out the promises of God no matter what the cost”, Deaconess AnJuanna Napue
  • Prophetic Prayers Done Rightly: Praying according to the Word and aligning all ‘Spiritual gettings’ with the Word”, Archbishop Wayne R. Felton
  • When it doesn’t look like what was spoken: Cancelling false visions and reports which contradict what GOD said”, Bishop Dan Williams
  • "Authority over ALL devils: How to fight against demonic hindering forces unto prophetic manifestation”, Pastor Eddie Arnette
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