The Virgin Mary had a divine encounter with the angel Gabriel who told her she was going to become pregnant with GOD’s Son when the Holy Spirit overshadowed her. Amazingly, she did not consider the consequences before giving her response, “ it unto me according to thy word.” Now, if you knew ahead of time what you were going to go through after having a divine encounter, would you still be quick to say, “Be it unto me?” What if you knew all the tests and trials that you would encounter once you married before you got married; would you still say, “I do?” This is why the LORD does not reveal everything to us because if He did, we might change our mind!


This message is about a woman who completely devoted her life to GOD and Pastor Deondra Felton shares that because of Mary’s willingness to surrender her life to GOD’s will, it not only changed the course of her life, but all of humanity’s as well. 

Be it unto Me (DVD)