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THCCI's Heaven's Help

Heaven's Help!
A Domestic and International Relief Outreach Mission

The Mission of Jesus Christ is not just a highway to Heaven but Heaven's intervention in the life of the hurting, destitute, and those who've suffered catastrophic events in life. At The Holy Christian Church, Heaven's Help is an outreach arm of our Church, in the name of Christ, to represent the heart, compassion, and assistance to those in need in Bible honoring ways to persons in our community and throughout the world.


Our Ministry includes the following:

Food and Groceries

Clothing and Household Resources

Crisis Counseling

Housing Referrals

Employment Training and Referrals

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Along with these, we also offer Bible-based Spiritual support in Christ's name to help those who've suffered loss or endured traumatic events be revived and restored in their faith in God.  If you're in need of any of these that are listed above, don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form below. 


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