Wayne Randolph Felton is the Senior Pastor of The Holy Christian Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota. Along with his wife Deondra J. Felton, he established The Holy Christian Church which has grown to four campuses. As Bishop, he serves as the Apostolic Overseer of The Communion of Holy Christian Churches, consisting of over 150 churches and Ministries in the United States, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Liberia, India, and Mexico. He earned a Bachelors degree from Tuskegee University, attended Asbury Theological Seminary, and Post-baccalaureate studies at the University of Kentucky. 

Deondra J. Felton is the Overseer of Women Affairs at The Holy Christian Church. In ministry with her husband, she assists in Pastoral care of the women and leads in fostering the Spiritual formation of young ladies. She is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University.

They have three children who are all very active in ministry and they're also grandparents to five beautiful grandchildren who keep them young and active.

Together, with the leadership of this Church of all ranks, they seek to model exemplify Christ's heart of servant-leadership, self-sacrifice, loving care-givers, and Scriptural order in Holiness unto the LORD.

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The Holy Christian Church is an assembly of Christian believers from all racial backgrounds united under a common doctrine and vision to carry the Message, Ministry, and Mission of Jesus Christ throughout the world. 


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